About Cascadia:

With over 40 years of injection molding experience, our
customers rely on our expertise to solve the toughest problems.

In May 2016, Accurate Molded Plastics acquired Mold-Rite, Inc. The two companys share a similar philosophy:
Provide high-quality, technically-demanding molded parts supported by exemplary customer service.

And we are now under one name:


State of the art equipment to make molds in the Pacific Northwest

Cascadia has the state-of-the-art equipment necessary

to produce the most complex parts, but it is our extensive knowledge, understanding of the needs of our customers and dedication to superior service that sets us apart.

We partner with our customer throughout the process from concept to delivery, and we are committed to the highest level of service.

We provide expert in-house manufacturing for prototyping, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) advice and mold construction in two locations. We also offer value-added operations and services to any level including:

◆ Machining
◆ Pad printing
◆ Inkjet Printing

◆ Threaded insert installation (ultraserting)
◆ Sonic welding
◆ Point of Sale packaging

◆ General mechanical, adhesive,
and sonic assembly
◆ Drop shipment