CASCADIA has a long, respected history of solving highly technical
challenges across a wide variety of industries.

CASCADIA has pursued technological advances, invested in advanced technology, and perfected best practices in order to handle complex jobs with demanding lead times.

Our variety of presses across two location allows us to produce a wide-range of part sizes. We utilize a material management system in order to maintain a raw material inventory that allows us to deliver on short lead times. Cellular- manufacturing makes us very efficient on the production floor. And our Quality Assurance procedures verify that every part will meet your specifications and requirements.

Injection Molding Equipment:

◆ 45 injection Molding Machines
◆ 2-Shot 550 Ton Machine
◆ 28 to 1,450 Tons

This equipment allow us to produce
parts from 1 ounce to 14 pounds

Molding equipment and molded finished product
Robot arm for molding equipment

Additional Equipment:

◆ Gas Assist Molding System
◆ MoldFlow Computer Aided Engineering Station
◆ Servo-Driven Robots
◆ Blending Equipment
◆ Low Pressure Vacuum Dryers
◆ RJG Monitoring System
◆ Vision Inspection Systems
◆ Collaborative Robots