Mold Design and Moldmaking

Bring your most challenging issues to us and we will deliver the solution you need.

CASCADIA employs highly skilled mold-makers with over 120 years of combined experience.

Because of their expertise, we are able to manufacture precise molds guaranteed for over a half-million cycles and with tolerances as close as .0002. This in- house knowledge helps reduce costs, lead- time and risk for our customers.

We often are asked to design molds that must work in concert with others; our design abilities and extensive knowledge ensures that we produce the desired results even for the most complicated job.

All work can be done “in-house” or we can supervise outsourced work.

Molds and finished molding

Two Complete Mold Shops:

Milling Equipment:

◆ 8 CNC Mills
◆ 1 High Speed Graphite Mill
◆ 1 High Speed Hard Mill

Heat Treating Equipment:

◆ Heat Treat Ovens
◆ Rockwell Hardness Tester

Grinding Equipment:

◆ 9 Grinders (Surface,
    Cutter, and Hone)

Offline CNC Programming:

◆ 7 Master Cam Stations

EDM Equipment:

◆ 6 EDM Machines (Wire, CNC,
    and Standard)

Mold Design:

◆ Solid Works
◆ Computer Aided Design Stations
    MoldFlow Computer Aided
    Engineering Station

Two 3D Printers