Post Molding

CASCADIA takes great pride in providing high quality services from A to Z.

We understand what it means to deliver on a promise and
we make sure that promise is unconditional.

We can produce whatever level of finished products the customer desires—from A to Z. CASCADIA is skilled at providing highly complex, multifaceted, secondary operations to parts. No matter the complexity, CASCADIA delivers a quality finished product.


Post Molding images

Our Secondary Operations:

◆ Computer- Controlled Sonic Welders
◆ Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
◆ Heat Staking Machinery
◆ Double Station Sandblaster

◆ Proprietary Computer Inspection System
◆ Curing Oven
◆ Hot-Foil Stamping
◆ CNC Milling

◆ Inkjet Printing
◆ Pad Printing
◆ Finished Packaging
◆ Drop Shipments